Happy chick
AboutHappy Chick
The Happy Chick began with a simple idea
To play a variety of classic games on smart phone anytime, anywhere!

As a mobile gaming enthusiast, games like "Fruit Ninja", "Angry birds" were all out of my interest, I was no longer satisfied with playing these tedious games day after day. I ended up, one day, playing an arcade game named "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs", which is downloaded from a phone emulator, and soon I was deeply impressed and totally immersed in the infinite pleasure the very classic game bring me, I would never get bored.

However, enthusiasm rose up, battery run down.

I closed my eyes, memories of Arcade and GBA time hit me with images of those games "Street Fighter" "Conquering the World" "Golden Sun" "Fire Emblem" "Super Robot Wars" "Ace Attorney" "Pocket Monsters"… spreading around in my mind. Then I had a idea, why not develop an emulator to integrate the most classic titles? That would make it possible for people to play classic games anytime, anywhere!

A studio was then established under the name of

I quickly teamed up with my other two friends, who shared the same game enthusiasm, the most, had the program skills needed. A studio was then established under the name of HAPPY CHICK TEAM, aiming at providing emulator that integrates wide range of games that can be played on smart phones.

The studio is officially named Happy Chick, why Chick? I am a die-hard fan of Lei Jun, who is known as "Leibs", the CEO of Brand Xiaomi ( Xiaomi means rice in Chinese), and there we go, Chick would be a good expression to salute Xiaomi.

Happy Chick Emulator is a totally free emulator, which supports PSP/ NDS/ N64/ PS1/ WS/ Arcade (CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, IGS)/ GBA/ GBC/ MD/ SFC(SNES), and PS game consoles. With this emulator installed, you have the very access to a library of thousands of console games in wide genres. Play on your phone, review the classics, and would never get bored.

We commit to provide
gamers a Green Platform with rich game resources.
We here to thank the developers and providers of all game emulators, for the selfless contribution they made to the vast game enthusiasts. Copyright of all emulators always belongs to the original developers, Happy Chick Team respects very effort of them, and will give clear indication on the referenced emulators for the coming new versions of Happy Chick Emulator.
Happy chick